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You already know my name, and I still have to say that although I have graduated from an IT school, I am interested in a whole range of other activities than just sitting at the computer.

My life career started in České Budějovice. After a primary school with extended mathematics lessons, I continued on a four-year grammar school, still in my hometown. Thanks to my interest in studying at university, I discovered Brno. I graduated from the first degree of university education at the Faculty of Information Technology. Then I decided to continue at two schools simultaneously, at the same faculty and at the Faculty of Business, to get some information from the world of economics as well. I have finished university education there.

My work career had slowly begun at the time of grammar school when I occasionally dealt with a creation of websites. During my studies at university, I continued to work in this field through part-time work. Shortly after graduating from school, I started to work as a researcher at the Transport Research Centre. I participated in developing web applications, processing and analysing data from traffic surveys, I worked on transport modelling projects and managed several smaller projects. Currently, I am leading the Traffic behaviour analyses and transport modelling department. If I ever look for another job in the future, I would be interested in transport modelling, web application development, web security, network security, project management, and management of a smaller team.

My hobbies include summer and winter sports, just the ones that are individual. In summer, it is mainly mountain trips, hiking, recreational cycling up to 70 km a day, tennis, roller skating, via ferrata, climbing on artificial walls and more. In winter, it is mainly recreational cross-country skiing up to 30 km a day, downhill skiing, ice skating on a pond and relaxing at home. Besides, I like to take pictures, even if not professionally, but just for fun. In the evening, I like to spend time with friends with any board games.

I am
careful, reliable and tidy
I keep
my daily schedule and game rules
I need
long sleep, rest and time for myself
I like
to travel but not to work
with my friends
I go out rather than to a pub
I avoid
unhealthy meals
I drink
one coffee a day and a lot of tea
I like to read
since I have bought the Kindle
a trip
without a track record is not a trip
I appreciate
more experienced colleagues and try to catch up with them
I say
I don't need to be allways online, but I am anyway
I save
more than I spend
I spend
too much time sitting in a office
I postpone
matters that are not important
I hate
low battery, inconsistent USB connectors and personal goods collection fees

Would you like to tell me something, do you have any questions or are you interested in working together? Do not hesitate to contact me, preferably through this form.

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