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I graduated from the Brno University of Technology at two faculties. The Faculty of Information Technology provided me with valuable knowledge in information technology. At the Faculty of Business and Management, I studied information management, which introduced me to the world of economics.

During my working career, I have worked with many companies, especially in creating websites and other IT projects. I currently work in a research organization, the Transport Research Center, as a head of the Department of Travel Behaviour Analyses and Transport Modelling. If I ever look for another job in the future, I would be interested in transport modelling, data processing, web application development, web security, project management, and management of a smaller team.

My hobbies include summer and winter sports, just the ones that are individual. In summer, it is mainly mountain trips, hiking, recreational cycling up to 70 km a day, tennis, roller skating, via ferrata, climbing on artificial walls and more. In winter, it is mainly recreational cross-country skiing up to 30 km a day, downhill skiing, ice skating on a pond and relaxing at home. Besides, I like to take pictures, not professionally, but just for fun. I like to spend the evenings with friends basically at any board games.

I am
careful, reliable and tidy
I keep
my daily schedule and game rules
I need
long sleep, rest and time for myself
I like
to travel, even for work
with my friends
I go out rather than to a pub
I avoid
unhealthy meals
I drink
one cup of coffee per day and a lot of tea
I like to read
since I have bought the Kindle
a trip
without a track record is not a trip
I appreciate
more experienced people and try to catch up with them
I say
I don't need to be online, but I am anyway
I save
more than I spend
I spend
too much time sitting in an office
I postpone
matters that are not important
I hate
low battery, inconsistent USB connectors and personal goods collection fees